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Unlocking Hip Flexibility: Stretches for Stiff People & Folks With Ankylosing Spondylitis

Living with stiffness, especially due to conditions like Ankylosing Spondylitis, has been my reality for over a decade now. Every day feels like a battle against my own body, each movement a conscious effort, and every stretch a potential challenge. But amidst these struggles, I've found a pathway to relief and improvement, and it lies in the realm of gentle, targeted stretching.

In a world where mobility is often taken for granted, those of us with conditions like Ankylosing Spondylitis or simply dealing with stiffness require a tailored approach. And that's precisely what I offer in my recent YouTube video: "Hip Flexibility For Stiff People | Stretches For Ankylosing Spondylitis | Hip Flexibility At Any Age."

My journey with Ankylosing Spondylitis has given me intimate knowledge of its challenges and nuances. But instead of letting it dictate my life, I've chosen to empower myself and others through gentle movement and mindful stretching.

Armed with a strap, yoga blocks, and a soft surface, this video will guide you through a series of stretches specifically curated to target hip flexibility. My approach is gentle yet effective, emphasizing the importance of finding a balance between challenge and comfort.

Throughout the session, I encourage soft breathing, reminding you to stay present and connected with your body. This isn't about pushing through pain but rather about respecting our limits while gradually expanding them. Options and variations are provided, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for everyone, regardless of your current level of flexibility.

Below I provide links to the tools I use, from my preferred gymnastics mat to the stretch strap that has become a staple in my practice. These aren't just affiliate links; they're recommendations born out of personal experience, offered with genuine care and consideration for your comfort.

⭐ Here is my gymnastics mat, I use this multiple times a day and it was a game changer for my flexibility - it makes stretching so much more comfortable on the joints (especially the knees):

⭐ This is the stretch strap I use, its stretchy and has holes/handles which makes it easy and very comfortable to use as opposed to a regular non-stretchy strap:

💗 Follow me on Instagram for tips, inspiration, and lots of flexibility progress photos: @elinafromsweden -   / elinafromsweden  

In a world where movement is often equated with intensity and strain, my approach offers something grounded in gentleness, compassion, and the belief that flexibility is attainable for everyone, regardless of age or condition. So, if you find yourself yearning for greater freedom of movement or seeking relief from stiffness, perhaps it's time to tune into some gentle guidance and unlock the potential of your own hips. After all, in the journey towards flexibility, every small stretch is a step closer to liberation!

Please remember: I'm not a medical professional, just sharing what works for me after living with Ankylosing Spondylitis for 10+ years. Make sure to always consult your doctor! Let's navigate this crazy AS journey together, we got this! 🌟

Much love,




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