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5 Travel Tips & My Favorite Travel Beauty Products

Hi lovelies!

As we're getting ready to go on vacation, I thought it would be suitable to share some of my favorite travel hacks and beauty products with you. I'll start off with a few travel tips and will finish off with some beauty and product tips for staying fresh on your trip.

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1. Ask for special meals on the flight. If you're on a diet, have food allergies, or want to eat a certain way (e.g. healthier), airlines will accommodate if you let them know beforehand. When booking your ticket you can choose your meal preferences (similar to your seat choice). They have gluten free, less sodium, vegetarian, etc. The key is to order this up front (I believe its a 24 or 48hr min) as otherwise they wont have it onboard for you.

2. Get a passport holder to keep all your travel docs. If you're traveling internationally, you'll need your passport, maybe a green card, your boarding passes, and any other travel docs. Its easy to get frazzled at the airport if you cant find your stuff, so keeping it all together helps relieve some of that stress. I use an old one I got from Conrad Hotels (back from my Hilton days) but there are some really cute ones from and other brands.

traveling girl louis vuitton duffel bag

3. Wear comfy clothes, and shoes that are easy to take on and off. In Europe you dont have to take your shoes off in airport security, but you do in the US (in Europe you have to take out all your electronics instead, chargers and all). So traveling in those fabulous lace up boots, as hot as they are, is not a good idea. Comfy clothes are important not just from a comfort perspective but also for your health. Wearing clothes that are too tight on a long haul flight can restrict blood flow and cause all kinds of issues (like blood clots). My go-to are usually soft yoga pants, sports bra, a cute t-shirt, and a sweater as the planes tend to be cold. I always wear sneakers as sandals are too cold for the plane and high heels are just uncomfortable as you sometimes have to walk a long ways at the airport.

4. Dont forget the adapters! Traveling across countries can make it tricky with your tech. Earlier this year I went from the UK and then on to Germany and Switzerland. The UK has different outlets than the rest of Europe so needed one that could handle them all for my US gadgets. And as per my previous point, European security requires you to take out all electronics (incl chargers) so I recommend keeping them all together in a zip lock or other little bag for ultimate efficiency.

5. Hydrate! Make sure you drink tons of water, but also bring lots of moisturizer, eye cream, face sprays, etc. Long haul flights are the worst for your skin, and the dry, recycled air just wreaks havoc on your face. And stay away from the alcohol on the flight, it'll leave you parched!

BONUS TIP: Pack your beauty products in mini sizes. If you dont want to buy all your products in travel sizes, you can just pick up empty containers from CVS, Target, etc. and fill them yourself. Traveling with full size stuff wont just make your bags weigh more, but you also lose the option of just traveling with hand luggage should you so wish, due to the size limit for liquids. To me, I also have a few products that I need with me on the plane so they have to be smaller sized. Some of my favorite beauty products that I always bring with me when I travel are:

travel size beauty products
An example of baby sized products, perfect for travel!
  • Face Wipes: I use them to remove makeup and refresh before going to sleep on the plane. Sleeping with makeup is not good in normal circumstances, and its especially bad on planes! You want to make sure your skin can breathe as much as possible. I love the little mini pack from Sephora in the coconut version. They leave no mess and since they're not liquid, I dont have to worry about the liquid restrictions. And how cute is this mini packet??

  • Face Spray: I discovered face sprays probably 10-15 years ago and I'm obsessed. My favorite was, and still is, the Moisture Surge from Clinique. Its like a glass of water for your face, it feels absolutely amazing! Sometimes they have a smaller size available and the regular one is just over the TSA limit so make sure you either buy the smaller size or transfer it into another little spray bottle. Also, make sure to get your aim right to avoid spraying it on your plane seat buddy (although I really dont see how anyone could mind).

  • Lip Balm: This is an everyday must-have, not really travel specific, so its extra important. In my opinion there is only one option and its the Lip Sleeping Mask from Laneige. You have to try it! Its so good!

  • Hand cream: Its important to take care of your face, but equally important to take care of your hands and the rest of your body. My skin gets superdry on planes and especially after washing my hands. A good hand cream is a must, and I love L'Occitane - or Nivea for a more budget friendly option.

  • Eye drops: This is a must for me. I had Lasik a few years ago so my eyes are very dry. And if you're flying to Europe on a red-eye flight, Clear Eyes will help you look fresh and awake!

Thats it for now! Do you have any travel tips or favorite products? Share below!

Have a great week lovelies!




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