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Why Strength Is Essential For Your Yoga Practice

When you first start doing yoga, it’s easy to fall in love with the practice and feel like it’s the only thing you want to do as far as movement. However, it’s important to remember that having a well-rounded practice is essential for your overall health and wellbeing. Even if you practice a strength-building type of yoga such as Power Yoga or Ashtanga Yoga, there are still some muscles that need a pulling motion — something yoga does not provide. Read on to learn about why strength is so important for your yoga practice and some great exercises to supplement your yoga routine.

blonde pilates instructor in pink and white outfit doing one legged glute bridges with a pink resistance band
Adding weight lifting or Pilates in addition to your yoga practice is essential for a well rounded movement routine

Yoga vs Weight Lifting

Yoga is an amazing form of exercise — however, it's simply not enough on its own. That’s because when you do yoga, you primarily push — never pull — and there are certain muscles that need this type of movement such as the latissimus dorsi and biceps. Weight lifting can help build these muscles while providing many other benefits as well such as improved posture, better balance and coordination, increased stability, and more confidence. In addition to strengthening these muscles, weight lifting also helps with injury prevention by stabilizing weak joints. This can be especially beneficial for those who suffer from chronic back pain.

Benefits of Pilates and Barre Classes

Pilates is another wonderful form of exercise that complements a regular yoga practice perfectly. Doing Pilates regularly can help improve postural alignment which makes all movements easier — including yoga! Pilates also strengthens your core which will boost any type of movement or exercise you do in everyday life. Barre classes are another great way to supplement your existing routine since they focus on small isolated movements which help build strength without putting too much stress on the body overall. By performing low impact exercises like barre classes, you can create strength without taxing your joints too much — perfect if you have arthritis or joint problems!

blonde yoga and pilates instructor holding pink dumbbells in a yoga studio
Pilates & Barre are great options to complement your yoga practice!

If you want to take your yoga practice further, then building strength through weight lifting, Pilates and barre classes is essential. Not only will adding these forms of exercise increase muscle tone but also decrease pain levels due to strengthening weak joints or body parts while improving balance and stability overall. Developing a strong foundation through this combination of practices will enhance both your physical health and mental wellbeing in ways that go far beyond what a purely yogic approach can offer alone. So don’t be afraid to branch out from just doing yoga! A variety of exercises will make all the difference in taking your practice even further than before!

If you're looking for ways to supplement your yoga practice, I have strength and pilates classes in my virtual yoga studio, you can check it out here:

I'd also recommend working with a personal trainer at a local gym if you're interested in weight lifting!

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