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What Yoga Props Should You Have In Your Practice?

When you’re first starting yoga, it can be overwhelming to figure out what props you should have in your practice. Do I need a yoga mat? Blocks? A strap? A bolster? The answer is yes, yes, yes, and yes! Having the right props will make your practice more enjoyable and help you get the most out of every pose, and with props more is more. Here’s a list of must-have yoga props that are essential for any practice!

blonde yogi doing Childs pose on yoga bolster
Yoga props can help you get the most out of your yoga practice

Yoga Mat: If you only buy one prop, this is it. A good grip is essential when practicing yoga, and there are so many great mats on the market that offer just that. My favorites are Liforme or Matify. They both offer superior grip, comfort, and durability so you know your yoga mat will last through even the toughest of practices. Matify is a bit less expensive but Liforme has more options when it comes to colors and patterns. Another thing I love with Liforme is that they have travel yoga mats that you can fold up and put in any suitcase or even a smaller backpack, and they also have small "yoga pads" that are perfect if you're an inversion junkie and like to break out a handstand in the middle of the city!

Yoga Blocks: Yoga blocks can be incredibly helpful in helping achieve proper alignment in various poses and they help bring the floor to you when you cant reach it on your own. You can also sit on them if sitting on the floor is uncomfortable - try it in Easy Seat, Thunderbolt or even Straddle! I love practicing with blocks, and especially for poses like forward fold, side angle, and half splits. I have a pair of Alo Yoga blocks that I love but there are plenty of cheaper options available on Amazon that are just as good! I prefer foam blocks over cork, as they tend to be lighter and easier to move around during your practice.

yogi using a yoga strap around her foot to stretch her hamstrings while laying on her back
Yoga props certainly doesnt make your practice "less than", rather the exact opposite!

Yoga Strap: This one is often overlooked by beginners but it’s really useful! A yoga strap can assist with poses of all levels, from supine hamstring stretches to more advanced asanas like King Pigeon or King Dancer! A strap can help make these poses accessible to anyone, even if you're not yet able to grab your foot without assistance. It can also help with poses like seated forward folds if you're still working on your flexibility there (try sitting on a yoga block AND using a strap around your feet - MAGIC!)

Yoga Bolster: A yoga bolster is a large, firm cushion that is amazing to use for Yin yoga but its also helpful for other types of yoga. For example, try placing it under your butt in Thunderbolt and feel how even the slightest sense of pressure in your joints just vanish! Or fold your body over it in Childs pose and enter into pure bliss. It can also be helpful in poses like Savasana, where you can place it under the knees, or it makes a great prop for a more gentle Fish pose. Perhaps try sitting on it when you meditate, or use it against the wall when practicing tuck handstand jumps - the opportunities are endless!

Investing in quality props for your yoga practice can make all the difference when it comes to getting the most out of each pose and building a consistent practice that you enjoy showing up for every day. Whether you go for expensive name brand options or budget-friendly items from Amazon, having the right props will help take your practice to the next level! Remember, using props certainly doesnt make you "less" of a yogi, rather the opposite! Finding ways to adapt the poses to YOUR body vs the other way around is the true sign of an advanced practice. Try these four essentials – a yoga mat, blocks, a strap, and a bolster – and see how they improve your practice!

If you're not sure how to use props, you can try some of my classes in my virtual studio:

Check out the Virtual Yoga Studio

See you soon, yogis!





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