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Simple Lightroom Edits for a Beautiful Instagram Feed

Hi! I have been a little MIA this past week, work has been crazy with Board meetings, international Board meetings, campaigns launching, and tons of projects needing attention all at the same time. In addition, we are selling our house and there is so much to do with that too - so I have had to switch my focus a bit.

But, here I am! Wanted to give you a few tips on how to make simple Lightroom edits for a beautiful Instagram feed. These are not presets (although you can save them as such) but just quick adjustments you can make to any photo. Very easy and they make a big difference.

easy Lightroom edits consistent instagram feed

easy lightroom edits consistent instagram feed

So here goes! You need to have the Lightroom app, the free version is perfect. Upload the photo you want to edit from your camera roll. You will work mostly with the Light and Color settings, and I usually start with Light.

1. In the Light tab, adjust Exposure, Shadows, and Highlights. Play around with it to see what you like the most. You can also adjust the White, and any of the other dials - have fun with it and see what looks best. Every photo is different so even if you use presets, you will need to adjust some of these.

lightroom instagram edits

2. Go to the Color tab, and adjust Warmth and Tint. I like my photos to have a warm pink look so I dial it up, but again play around with it and see what look you like best! I also like to adjust the Vibrance sometimes, depending on the photo. This one has a lot of pink in it that I want to pop, so dialing the Vibrance up a tad will help with that.

lightroom instagram edits

3. Adjust individual colors - this one is optional and something you can do once you are a little more used to Lightroom. I like to adjust the yellow for example, and you can adjust the Luminance, Hue, and Saturation of various colors by clicking on the little “Mix“ button in the top right:

lightroom instagram edits blogger

blogger lightroom settings instagram

Thats it! Super easy, right? The possibilities with Lightroom are endless, so play around with it and see what you like best for your photos. These are just some super basic things you can do in under 2 minutes, and they'll help make your Instagram feed look more consistent.

If you try these, please tag me on Instagram (@ElinaFromSweden) so I can see your photos!

Good luck, and have fun with it!


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