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Our Trip to Switzerland

We had such an amazing time on our trip this week! I started in Germany for work for a few days, and then hubby joined me and we went to Zurich and the Swiss Alps! Switzerland is an amazing country and I loved that you can stroll through town and see the alps in the background. So stunningly beautiful! I went to Switzerland with my family when I was little to a place called Lauterbrunnen, a tiny town in the Alps. That was like 30 years ago, and imagine my surprise when hubby and I are on the train and all of a sudden it stops in Lauterbrunnen! Such a weird feeling to be there again 30 years later. Here is a shot of that first visit, I’m playing with my aunt (haha you can see where I get my hair):

Girl and woman playing in the summer
My aunt and I playing in Lauterbrunnen, circa 1991

We spent 4 days in Zurich which is quite a lot, as it’s a small city. You could probably do it all in about 2 days, but we had some great relaxing days with zero stress so we liked it that way. We went shopping, sightseeing, checked out museums and churches, etc. We bought tons of Swiss chocolate which of course didn’t disappoint! We also took a full day in the Alps which was amazing! We went to Jungrfraujoch which is also known as Top of Europe and the views from up there are out of this world (quite literally, as its 11,000+ ft up). You can also go skiing which we wish we would have planned, but probably better that we didn’t given my back is still not healed.

One thing to mention if you are considering a trip to Switzerland is that its insanely expensive! Dinner was at least $300 each time and lunches ran at least $120-1$50 (without drinks), even at places that weren’t necessarily that nice. I thought DC and New York was pricey but we got nothing on Switzerland haha! Two coffees at Starbucks was $14, and in DC we pay about $7 for the same order. So if you are going on a budget, I would recommend locating the nearest grocery store and make your own food, and drink the coffee at the hotel.

All in all, I would highly recommend Switzerland! It is a beautiful country with rich history and gorgeous architecture. The Alps are definitely a must-see and there are plenty of tours that will take you up to the various peaks, either for sightseeing or skiing! Group tours seem to range from $120 to $250 per person and there are private tours available for about $1,500 per person. You could also go on your own I think, as there are trains running all day.

Here are some photos in addition to the ones I’ve been sharing on Insta:



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