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My Microblading Experience with Emily Joy at Dollistic

Good morning lovelies, happy Wednesday! Its finally hot up here in DC and Im so happy! I just love summer, its my favorite season.

It has been 5 weeks since my microblading at Dollistic and I wanted to give you a full review of my experience. My artist was Emily Joy and she is very well known in the industry. She is a speaker, have appeared in multiple articles, and is now also training current or aspiring microblading artists. She was even recommended to me by a top esthetician in Sweden, so she is known all over the world! As soon as I met up with her the first time, I knew she was amazing. You know why? BECAUSE SHE SENT ME HOME! I hadnt followed the pre-care instructions properly so she wouldnt do it as she was afraid the results wouldnt be perfect. I really appreciated that as it shows how much she cares. Its not just about money, but she truly wants the best for her clients. So, home I went, followed the pre-care instructions 110% and came back the following week. Lesson from this? Follow the pre-care instructions!

So, once I was all set and had been without coffee for two days (the things we do to look pretty!) we started off with photos and a meticulous measuring process where she taped a ruler to my forehead, then used a marking string and pen making lines all across my forehead and nose.

We played around with the shape and size for a while making sure it was just right. Turns out I have a "jumpy brow" that goes higher than the other. That made things interesting but Emily is such a pro, she adjusted for that without issue.

microblading dollistic

microblading process dollistic

microblading process dollistic emily joy

Once the measuring and shaping was complete, we went into the treatment room where she started off with numbing my brow area. Then we waited for about 30 mins before getting started. She explained her blood safety measures, where she makes sure no disease is spread. This is very important as there is usually a little bleeding during the procedure and not all studios/salons do this. So if you’re considering microblading, make sure you pick someone who has blood safety knowledge!

After numbing for about 30 mins we got started with the procedure. I went for the “ombre” look, meaning I have the little hair strokes in the front and then shading in the “tail”. She started with the little hairs, and I didnt feel a think thanks to the numbing. It just felt like she was brushing my brows, kind of an odd sensation - but not at all painful. Then she moved on the the shading which is done with some sort of tattoo pen. Its a little louder but again, no pain. Overall, the actual procedure only took about 30 mins total! So not very long at all, its mainly the measuring, pre-work, and numbing that takes the longest. I spent a total of 3 hours there.

microblading dollictic numbing

Once the procedure was done we did “the big reveal” where she gave me a mirror and let me see them for the first time, and oh my goodness - immediately brows on fleek! I am so so so happy with them! They look amazing, and my makeup routine is now SO FAST! I have my second apportionment for the touch-up in June, and I'll make sure to keep you guys posted. Emily warned me that everyone gets "brow greed", wanting them thicker and darker during the touch-up... I'm now 5 weeks in with mine and know what she means. I might go a little thicker and maybe darker, stay tuned :)

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microblading results blonde dollistic emily joy


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