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How To Prepare for a Yoga Photo Shoot

A yoga photo shoot can be a great way to document your practice, build your brand, and create some beautiful content for your website and social media. It's also a really fun way to document your practice and celebrate your journey! But before you can snap the perfect shots, there are a few things you need to do in order to prepare. Here's a guide that will help you get ready for your next yoga photoshoot!

Image by Sarah Noelle Photography , IG: @sarahnoellephotography

Get the Right Equipment

If you have experience with photography and know how to use a DSLR camera, then by all means go ahead and use one! Nowadays its pretty easy to do self portraits with tripods, 360 degree screens, self timers, remotes, and even apps that act like your camera. However, if you're not so savvy when it comes to cameras and photography, it might be best to hire a professional photographer. Not only will they have the right equipment but they'll also know exactly how to capture that perfect shot, so you can focus on the poses and your creative expression! If you cant afford a photographer you can try to find a local aspiring photographer that wants to practice their skills, and it can be a win-win! Just remember that photographers always have the rights to all images so you cant use them however you want

Create Your Mood Board

Creating a mood board will help guide the entire photo shoot—from the location and outfit choices to poses and props—it helps everyone involved understand what look you're going for in your photos. It can also help YOU get clear on exactly what you want from our shoot. Are you going for a dramatic vibe, something cute, or maybe something in a specific color scheme to use for your website? Pinterest is an excellent resource for finding inspiration boards or even creating your own (feel free to Pin the above image so others can find this article or maybe you'll want to come back to it yourself). You can also check out some of Instagram's top yogis for more ideas on what type of vibe you want in your shoot!

Picking Outfits

Once you have an idea of what kind of photos you want to take, it’s time to start thinking about outfits! Choose clothes that fit well and will flatter your figure while still being comfortable enough for yoga poses — high waisted leggings anyone? I can also recommend trying tennis skirts - they're super flattering while still providing comfortable coverage for most poses. Check out some of the ones from All Yoga, my favorite is the Match Point and Aces Tennis Skirt.

yoga girl in all white outfit outside in a field with the sun rising behind her
For this shoot, I wanted to be outside in nature at sunrise and chose an all white outfit to go with this vibe

Pick A Location With The Right Vibe

As far as locations go, pick something that fits with the vibe of the mood board — are you looking for a jungle vibe, dramatic mountain views, or maybe a sunrise beach vibe? Or maybe you'll want to shoot in a studio! Some cities have photo studios you can rent or if you're a yoga teacher, perhaps you could ask your studio if you could borrow their facilities for a few hours in between classes. In addition to making sure your location matches your creative vision, you'll also need to consider how busy it will be. Usually shooting at sunrise and sunset is best from a light perspective (the golden hour) but sunrise is also great because its less people out! So if you're shooting at a public place, being there bright and early usually gives you the most room to work without too many curious bystanders.

blonde woman in pink leggings at the Lincoln memorial
Another gorgeous shot by Sarah Noelle Photography at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC

Doing yoga photoshoots is SO much fun but it can be a lot to think about if you havent done one before! Hopefully with these tips in mind, you should be well-equipped for your yoga photoshoot. Don't forget about hair and makeup either; it'll make such a difference in how your photos turn out. Lastly, don't forget video snippets —they can double as an Insta story, Reel or TikTok video so make sure you take advantage of being all dolled up! With just a bit of preparation you'll be ready for any photo shoot that comes your way.

Namaste, and have fun!




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