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Hi! I'm Elina!

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

blonde fitness girl in pink leggings with iphone

Welcome to my blog - I'm so excited you're here! This is a space where I will share health and beauty tips, low impact workouts, the occasional casual outfit, and snippets from my life with my hubby and pupster. I'm hoping this will grow into a community of amazing women connecting with each other, just like my Instagram! I wanted to make this first post an intro so you can get to know me a bit better. So, here goes:

- Health and fitness are my biggest passions! I love eating healthy foods with lots of veggies, working out, and taking care of my body and mind. I love moving, whether its a walk, stretching or an intense weight lifting session or spin class. - Yoga pants are my best friend! I basically live in them whenever I'm not at work. Since my husband and I are so active, yoga pants and sneakers are usually my go-to, so I'm ready for whatever we get into. - Apart from health and fitness, I also love beauty products! I dont wear a lot of makeup, but I love skin care and hair products! I'm slightly obsessed with long hair and I used to be part of long hair communities online where all we discussed was the length/thickness of our hair, posted progress pictures, and provided tips and support. - I grew up in Sweden but have lived in the US for 9 years now. I have lived in Washington DC the whole time! Never really aimed to end up here but for some reason this is the place the Universe chose for me and its home now!

- I'm 34 years old. - My husband and I met at Starbucks! He proposed to me on a trip to Rome and we got married in Paris. We have an amazing marriage, and we are still so in love even though we have been together for almost 5 years! He is my everything. - We have a 102lb Doberman boy, his name is Achilles. He is almost 1,5 years now and he is the apple of our eye! Achilles opened up my heart in a way I didnt think was possible, and I love being his mom. - I love animals and always have. After getting Achilles, my heart grew even more and now I cant even look at animal abuse without crying. I donate to both the Humane Society and ASPCA every month. I wish I had time to do volunteer work as well. - I'm an insane morning person. I would get up at 4am every day if my husband would let me haha! I hate evenings and prefer to go to bed early. Staying up past midnight gives me so much anxiety, so I never stay up late these days (although it wasnt always that way haha). - I'm an only child and my mom passed away a few years ago, as well as my grandparents with whom I was extremely close. I come from a very small family and I have always been very independent and strong willed.

- I love to travel (although who doesnt), and my favorite destinations are the ones on a beach! Although my husband really likes culture so we go to a lot of cities too. I also travel quite a bit for work, which is fun!

- What I do for work? I'm the head of marketing for a large retailer. I wont discuss my job much here. - I'm a spiritual person and I'm the happiest when I feel closely connected to the Universe.

- I consider myself a very kind person. I dont talk bad about people, and I try not to be involved in gossip. I always try to see things from a positive point of view and I believe life is better when you enjoy it!

Again, welcome to my community! Would love to hear from you in the comments, where you're from, what brought you to my blog, and what you want to see here? I'm excited to get to know you!





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