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7 Things I Bring on Every Trip

best beauty products for travel

Since I have been traveling quite a lot these last few months, I thought I’d share a few of my must-have products for when I’m on-the-go. Whether in New York for a weekend with my girls or traveling to Europe for work, I have a few staples I always bring with me:

1. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, $20 at Sephora: this is not sponsored but I love this product SO much! I discovered it a few months ago and I’m completely hooked. It’s a super hydrating lip mask which you put on at night before bed. However, its also great on long haul flights or just when being out and about. It tastes delicious, lasts forever, and makes your lips so soft and plump. Definitely a must-have!

2. ClearEyes: I often fly to Europe for work, and its always on a red eye flight. Even when I manage to sleep the whole way, my eyes are still super dry and red when I land. These eye drops are a life saver and makes me look awake again before heading into meetings. Also great to carry in your purse for long days in the office, as the central air can make your eyes quite dry.

3. First Aid Beauty – Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration, $32 at Sephora: Traveling can take a toll on your skin and especially if you’re going someplace cold. I love this cream as its heavy duty but still feels light. I use it as a night cream on my face, neck and chest, and also use it on my hands in cold weather.

4. Booty Bands: Most of you already know how much I love booty bands, and I always bring them with me when traveling. They weigh nothing and don’t take up any space, so they are the perfect travel companion! You can do so much with them so you don’t even need a gym. They’re not just for glute work, you can also train arms, shoulders and abs with them!

5.Scarf: I always bring a scarf or shawl on trips, as planes can get quite chilly and the plane blankets aren’t always the coziest.

6. Chewing Gum: I suffer from severe motion sickness and get nauseous from almost anything that moves. Sometimes I take medicine for it, which also helps put me to sleep on the red-eye flights, but most of the time I chew gum! Its refreshing and minty, which helps with nausea. And its easy to always carry in my purse whenever I need to hop in an Uber, cab or other form of transportation. Just be careful to only do 2-3 a day as it can otherwise make you bloated.

7. Mobile Apps: I have a few apps I always use when traveling which makes it easy to relax and fall asleep almost anywhere: Spotify for music (I download my faves beforehand so I can listen even in Airplane Mode), Audible for audio books, and Sleep Hypnosis for sleeping like a baby anytime, anywhere!

Do you have any must have products when you travel?




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