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5 Tips for Staying Healthy while Traveling

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Since I leave for Germany tomorrow I thought it would be fitting to share a few tips on how to stay healthy while traveling. This is one of the main challenges I hear from people, so I'll share a few tricks that I've found make it easier.

1. Carry healthy snacks with you! This is the first point and its so important. If you get hungry on the road, it can be really difficult to opt for something healthy (it can also be hard to find). I have a few staples I carry with me:

- unsalted or lightly salted nuts

- nut butters, there are a few that have handy little portion bags perfect for on the go

- low sugar protein bars, I like ThinkThin or Quest (opt for less than 5g of sugar per bar)

- jerky, preferably one with less sodium

- fruit! Apples tend to travel well, just be careful internationally as some countries (including the US) have dogs at the airport and will confiscate your produce.

healthy snack on-the-go almonds pink container

2. If you eat at an airport or train station, try to find a salad. If there is a Starbucks they have oatmeal and the little sous-vide egg bites which are great options! If you only have access to a sandwich shop, you can ask them to wrap your "sandwich" in lettuce. If thats not an option, opt for whole grain bread over white. Before flying you can request special meals form the airline: gluten free, low sodium, vegetarian, etc. Thats a good way of making sure you get a healthier option.

3. Move as much as you can! If you are traveling, you will most likely be stationary for the trip itself so try getting some movement in at the aiport or train station. For example, I always take the stairs instead of the escalators and I try to do two steps at a time. It gets my heart rate up and my glutes firing, perfect before a long flight! Walk around while waiting on your flight instead of just sitting down, or do some calf raises. Find a way to get some movement in wherever you are. Some airports have yoga rooms that you can use, and some of the airlines even have "seated yoga" in their video programming onboard, so make sure to check that out as well!

4. Drink water, and lots of it! Travel is tiring and can also be dehydrating, especially if you're flying. Getting enough H2O is important for your overall wellbeing, your skin, and your bowels. The more water you drink, the more toxins you'll flush out (i.e. you'll be a lot more regular)

5. Get enough sleep the day before you travel! I used to think that if I didnt sleep much the day before, it would help me sleep on the plane... Wrong. You might still not be able to sleep on the plane, and then you have two nights without sleep which is a lot worse than one.

6. I know I said five, but I'm throwing this in as a bonus: wear comfortable clothes! I cant stress enough how important this is. Not just for your overall comfort but for your actual health. You do not want to wear tight pants when you're going to be sitting down for a long time, it will make you bloated and make it harder to digest food. It also limits the blood and oxygen flow which will already be impaired by sitting down (and even worse in the air). There are cute outfits that are supercomfy and also helps your body function at its best during travel, for example: non-compression yoga pants, a comfy non-compression sports bra, a cute t-shirt, and a pair of cool sneakers! If you're traveling for work, throw a dress and some cute heels in your hand luggage and you'll be ready to go as soon as you touch down!

These are some of the things I swear by when traveling and it helps me arrive at my best! Throw in a few face masks, hydrating lotions, moisturizing eye drops, and a sleep hypnosis app and you'll feel like a million bucks on your trip!

Xx Elina



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