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5 Super Effective TRX Exercises

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

As we are traveling through Europe, I was thrilled to find a set of TRX at one of our hotels. TRX is a fitness program created by a Navy Seal and it stands for Total Resistance Exercises. It is a super effective way of training that utilizes a set of TRX bands. your body weight, and gravity! Its also quite gentle and low impact, so its suitable if you are struggling with a bad back, bad knees, etc (please always consult your doctor). Yesterday hubby and I played around with circuits and Im really sore today so wanted to share my favorite TRX exercises:

TRX fitness workout

TRX fitness workout low row

1. Squats: doing squats with TRX is really great if you, like me, have hip mobility issues or an injury. The bands help you keep proper form and you can easily adjust the intensity by moving more backward or more forward. Play around with it and see what feels best for you.

2. Low Row: I love these as they are so good for your lats and you can really feel them activate! Again, you can easily adjust the intensity by leaning more/less backwards. Hold on the the bands, lean back, and then slowly pull yourself up while keeping your elbows close to your ribcage.

3. Chest Press: you can do chest presses with TRX as well! They are pretty tough as you have to stabilize yourself a lot so make sure to start off gently and see how it feels. Hold on to the handles and lean forward as you are about to do a pushup. Push yourself back up. Adjust the intensity by moving more/less forward.

4. Mountain Climbers: these are amazing for your abs! Put your feet in the little bands under the handles and get in a plank position, and pull the legs into your chest one at a time. You can play around with angles here and also do opposite leg to opposite elbow to hit your obliques more. Also try doing both legs for some serious abs and shoulder work!

5. Hamstring Curls: lay on your back and put your heels into the bands under the handles. Lift your hips up and pull your feet towards your butt, using your hamstrings. This one can be quite intense so make sure to test it out and see what feels best for you.

Try doing 10 of each and do 3 sets. If thats too easy up the reps or sets, or both! For example you can try 10 of each for 5 sets, or 20 of each for 5 sets. Let me know if you try them and what you think!




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