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4 Ways to Stay Healthy in the Office

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If you, like me, work in an office all day its easy to develop unhealthy habits. You are super busy, you sit in front of a computer all day, people bring in donuts, you have back-to-back meetings and conference calls, you’re tired… While working in an office isn’t necessarily physically demanding per se, it can still be hard on your body - your back, your eyes, etc. Not to mention it can be quite a mental challenge sometimes as well. But there are a few simple things you can do to make sure you stay your healthiest self, even in the office! · Get a standing desk or find a place to stand up to work whenever possible. I recently got one since I cant sit due to my back injury, but did you know that apart from being good for your back standing up an entire day also burns about 200 additional calories? That means you’ll burn another 1,000 calories each week, which is the same as an hour and a half on a stair master – I know what I prefer! · Take the stairs! Get into a habit of using the stairs instead of the elevators, especially when just moving a few floors up or down. Taking the stairs will get your blood pumping and can help against that dreaded 3 o’clock slump (increased blood flow = more energy). · Bring your lunch and your snacks! By bringing your own (healthy) lunch, you lower the risk of making an unhealthy choice due to hunger. Same goes for snacks. By snacking on healthy options throughout the day, you wont experience the same cravings in the afternoon – meaning you have more willpower to stay away from the donuts! My favorites are apples, unsalted nuts, and sometimes protein bars. · Take frequent breaks. Taking frequent breaks from your computer screen helps your eyes, and it also helps you think better. You don’t always have to take an actual break; simply walk over to your colleague instead of sending an email, walk around during a conference call, or do your next meeting outside. Let me know if you try any of these, or if you have any other tips on how to stay healthy during the week!


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