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3 Tips On How To Beat The 3PM Slump Without Caffeine

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

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I spend long days in "the office" (still working from home), both working my regular full time job and also building my business. While I'm super productive in the mornings - 5am to 1pm is my best time - I tend to completely crash around 2-3pm. That is my least productive time when I'm least alert and creative. However, I unfortunately cant just "not work" at 3 o'clock right now! So, here are some of my favorite tips to beat the slump, and they dont involve caffeine!

1. Drink two BIG glasses of water! Sometimes you're tired because you're dehydrated. Drinking two big glasses of water helps revitalize you, get rid of any headaches, flushes out toxins, and kickstarts your system again.

2. Brush your teeth! This is one of my favorites when I'm feeling less than awesome. The minty flavor wakes me up, I feel clean and fresh, and ready to take on the next Zoom meeting, project, etc.

3. Take a walk or walk the stairs. Getting your blood pumping will undoubtedly get your energy back up, and if you do it in combination with drinking water and brushing your teeth - you should be feeling pretty damn good! ;)

These are so simple but they really work for me! I hope they help you too!




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