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3 Tips For Staying Consistent With Your Yoga Practice in 2023

Have you started yoga multiple times only to find yourself out of the routine after only a few weeks? Or maybe you've only tried yoga a few times but not stuck with it for whatever reason? Here are 3 tips to help you finally find consistency in your practice in 2023!

blonde woman in pink and white yoga outfit
This is the year you'll finally have a consistent yoga practice!

Commit to 5 minutes, every single day!

Anyone can move their body for 5 minutes a day, it can even be done in the office or at an airport if need be - we ALL have 5 minutes. By committing to 5 minutes every single day you'll build a habit that doesnt feel too overwhelming. If you commit to 90 minutes a day, its very easy for life to take over and you'll feel defeated any time you weren't able to get your 90 minutes in (which, lets be honest, might be a lot of times). But committing to 5 minutes every day will help you build a sustainable habit, it'll help you feel accomplished, and while on some days you'll only practice for 5 minutes - many times you'll keep going!

Find something that inspires you and work towards it.

One thing that always helps me when I dont feel like getting on my mat is thinking about my goals. I have a few goals that REALLY inspire me, like press handstand, the splits, and King Dancer just to name a few. So whenever I dont feel like practicing, I think about those goals and I get so excited I just have to get on my mat to work towards them! Find what that is for you. Maybe its a physical ability like being able to sit on the floor, or for your back to feel better. But whatever it is, make sure it excites you! A goal that inspires you is key to come back to your mat time and time again, even when you might not feel like it.

woman with long blonde wavy hair sitting on a black yoga mat
Keep your yoga mat out where you can see it!

Leave your mat out!

Dont underestimate the power of convenience! If you make your practice inconvenient, chances are you won't do it. But if you leave your mat out in the living room/family room, you'll walk by it and get reminded of your practic. Also, its very hard to sit down in front of the TV in the evening without just getting on your mat instead! And sometimes I even watch TV as I practice! Now, that might not be the most "yogic" thing to do but hey - the best practice is the one that happens!

If you're just getting started on your yoga journey, make sure to check out my 5 Steps To Starting A Yoga Practice!

If you need help with your practice or don't know what poses to do, check out The Yoga Studio! I have a Daily 10 Challenge with 10 minute flows and workouts, designed specifically to build a daily habit! It even comes with a calendar so you dont have to think about which one to do each day.

Happy practicing yogis! You got this!





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