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2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Hi my loves!

Can you believe its November already?? We're so close to the holidays! I figured I'd put together a little holiday gift guide to help you with your holiday shopping!

Gifts under $200

  • For the yogi in your life, consider gifting a Root Board! I have TWO and love them, as they let you practice yoga anywhere. Practicing on carpet or any soft material can be really bad for your wrists but if you use the Root Board, you have your own studio floor wherever you go - even outside in the grass! You just place it under your mat and practice on! Use code ELINA10 to save 10% off your purchase!

  • For the beauty lover, consider gifting this amazing curling wand from the Dry Bar! They also have some amazing hair products in mini sizes that would make great stocking stuffers!

  • For the classy lady in your life, you cant go wrong with Chanel's Mademoiselle perfume! An all time favorite thats super sexy and fresh. Or if you want something more traditional, go with the cult classic Chanel No. 5! You really cant go wrong with anything Chanel ;) These are the bigger sized bottles but if you dont want to splurge quite as much, you can also do one of the smaller ones:

Gifts under $100

  • For him! Ok I guess we should have at least one in here specifically for the guys :) Super cozy PJ/lounge pants from SAXX! My husband loves these and has multiple colors.

mens PJ pants SAXX
SAXX Snooze Pant

  • Another one for your yogi friends - how about a brand new super grippy yoga mat from Matify? One can never have too many yoga mats! Check out their beautiful selection here, and use code ELINA15 to save 15%!

  • For your mom, sister, BFF, daughter, or anyone really, check out this SUPER SOFT robe from PJ Harlow! I'm obsessed with mine, I have the Blush color.

  • Perfect for mom (or anyone) how about some super cozy UGG slippers for the colder season?

  • For the fashionista, check out these amazing rings from Priscilla Ma! I got these for my birthday and they're super cute. You can stack as many as you'd like, and there is some great inspo on the website.

jewelry gold rings
Priscilla Ma Stacking Rings

Gifts under $50

  • For the phone addict, give them a Loopy case! These cases are brilliant and makes holding your phone much more comfortable and it helps you not drop your phone (even if you do, the cases are sturdy enough for the phone to not crack).

  • For the fitness fanatic, Barre babe, or Pilates princess, the Bala Bangles are sure to be a hit! These can go around the ankles or wrists and adds extra burn to any workout (even walking!)

  • For the dog mom (or shall I say for the dog): This is Achilles favorite blanket! Its super soft and comes in a bunch of cute colors.

  • For yourself! Ok after all this shopping we need to treat ourselves a bit too! These cute panties are such a great deal, and there are so many options to choose from. Here I'm linking the Lace Waist Things but browse the site for your favorites.

Gifts under $20

  • For the tea lover, my favorite brand Vahdam India has the CUTEST gift sets at various price points! I love this Chai Trio, just look at this adorable pink packaging!

vahdam chai tea pink gift set
Vahdam Pink Chai Gift Set

  • For the busy babe, dry shampoo is a life saver! I love the classic Batiste Dry Shampoo to stay fresh and voluminous while traveling, working, partying, or... just not washing your hair for days (shhhh...).

  • For the influencer, a phone tripod is the ONE THING they cant live without! This is a super tall one that I use on the daily. Highly recommend and its such a great price, and it even comes with a remote for super easy shooting!

  • Ok and another one for the pups just because we love spoiling them! Achilles favorite toy, a ball launcher! And it comes with a number of balls too, and they're super durable - he hasnt been able to tear them up (and he is a HEAVY chewer!)

Happy shopping and happy holidays!





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